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Transcription Headset Update

by Joanna Norman

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In a previous blog, The Tools of the Transcription Trade, I shared my preferred tools for transcription. I recently added a different headset to my toolbox, the ECS WordSleuth 3.5 mm Transcription Headset. I’m very happy with this headset for three reasons:

ECS WordSleuth Headset

First, the in-ear design gives me a break from earpieces sitting on my ears. I don’t know if I just have super sensitive ears or what, but even the most comfortable ear pieces that sit on my ears eventually begin to hurt if I wear them long enough. So I can switch back and forth between this and my  Spectra SP-PC 3.5 mm PC Stereo Transcription Headset on days when I’m working longer than usual.

Second, this headset is tiny which is nice for when I’m working away from my home office and need to pack my equipment in a bag.

Third, the in ear design blocks out noises a little bit better than the head set that sits on my ears. This is helpful when I’m working and there are other people in the house who are making noise or watching TV or otherwise creating some background noise. Someday, when I feel safe working in coffee houses again, I imagine this headset will be great for that too.

What is your favorite headset for transcription and why? Has anyone tried wireless earbuds for transcription? I’m very curious if they would have appropriate sound quality for transcription work.

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  1. I have tried about 4 different head/wireless sets. After various priced sets, I tried my old Blackweb wireless earphones that I had bought years ago from Walmart for $20. They are pretty good! But my ears (inside) get tired from them for more than an hr. I have a more expensive Sony MDR7506 stereo headset with cushioned ears…ahhh! They are a little sharper but my cheap wireless set certainly gives them a run for their money!

    I’m still working on the course though. So I can’t give a comparison to “real-life” audio files.

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