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How To Transcribe “And”

by Joanna Norman Sometimes there is a comma before the word “and”. Sometimes there’s not. This Norman Transcription Grammar Tip helps you decide when to use a comma. WHAT WAS SPOKEN “Yesterday I was at the grocery store and I did not feel safe and there was a lady there who was coughing and sneezing constantly and she was not wearing a mask. […]

Commas & Complicated Interview Questions

by Joanna Norman If you transcribe qualitative interviews, you will often hear the interviewer combining several questions at once. This Norman Transcription Grammar Tip helps with transcribing those complicated interview questions. WHAT WAS SPOKEN “what are the biggest challenges you’re facing at Harvey and Smith Clinic and what are the biggest challenges you face in […]

When & How To Transcribe Like

by Joanna Norman If you’ve ever struggled with speakers who use the word “like” a lot, here are some tips for accurate and successful transcription. WHAT WAS SPOKEN “She was like be sure that you meet with your advisor and get your evaluation notes and I was like should we use the format like last year. I was like disappointed because that format […]