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Desktop Cheerleader – A Little Gift from Me

by Joanna Norman

Last December I signed up for 31 Days of Gifts from Courtney Carver of Be More with Less.  One of the gifts I received was instructions to make an “emergency kit” by writing several phrases on index cards. I had my cards sitting my desk for over a month until something spilled on them. (I blame Mr. Cat, the fish.). I missed my little cards, so I created a foldable version with additional phrases, and now I think if this little foldable as my desktop cheerleader.

If I am having a rough day, I thumb through my foldable and find a phrase that helps me out. Or maybe it’s a great day, and I want to celebrate. Here are the seven phrases I put on my foldable:

  • Breathe
  • Time out
  • Give thanks
  • Be kind
  • Help me
  • No thank you
  • Forget balance. It’s time for priority. Consider impact over intent.

My desktop cheerleader resides next to my crochet cactus garden.  As you can see above, the phrase that spoke to me today is “Give thanks.” 

Here is a link to a free, downloadable Word document so you can have your own desktop cheerleader.

To assemble it, cut ¾ of the way up the middle of the page on the dotted line, fold in half hotdog style (that’s for all the teachers out there), and fold in half two more times.

Flip the folds around as needed when you want to pick a new phrase for your desk. I hope you enjoy this little gift. If you want to share it with someone else, please direct them here so they can download their own copy.

Have a great day!

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