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Wireless Earbuds Review for Transcription

by Joanna Norman

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These Tribit Wireless Earbuds, pictured to the right, are the third set of headphones that I have purchased to use while transcribing. I will review them below, but let me first remind you of the other headsets I have used.

My first headset was the classic transcription headset, a Spectra Transcription headset. It connects to the audio port on my laptop with a cord and it sits over the top of my head with the small, padded earpieces on the outside of my ears. This headset has great sound, but after several hours of transcribing, my ears start to hurt. I rarely use this anymore, but I keep it around as a backup, just in case.

Next, I got some wired earbuds, the ECS WordSleuth Headset. You can read my review of them here. I found these earbuds to be more comfortable than the headphones that sit over my ears, but I got tired of having to take them out of my ears anytime I wanted to get up from my computer to take a break or tend to something (like a Labrador puppy who needs to go outside every 30 minutes).

So I decided to try wireless earbuds. After reading many reviews with my budget in mind, I selected the Tribit wireless earbuds shown at the left. I’m very happy with these, and they were relatively inexpensive.

Here’s what I like about my new wireless earbuds for transcription work:


  • They block out noises very well, better than the other headsets I have used, so well in fact that I can’t hear other people people in the house when they are trying to get my attention. This is great for focus and not so great for family communication.
  • They are very comfortable. These particular earbuds came with several different sizes of the little pads that go in your ears as well as several different sizes of the little wings that help them stay in your ears, so I was able to really customize the fit.
  • They are wireless. I really like it that I am not attached to my laptop by a wire, so I can get up and take a break without having to take off my headset.
  • They hold a charge for a long time. I have yet to run out of charge when transcribing for a whole day.


I’ve only noticed one potential negative, which doesn’t bother me, but might bother some folks. When transcribing using transcription software, you typically pause the audio by taking your foot off the foot pedal. I have mine set up so it automatically rewinds for about a second. I have noticed with my Tribits that sometimes when I restart the audio, the sound is only in one ear for a second or so. Like I said, this doesn’t bug me, but I imagine it might drive some folks a little crazy.

Do you use wireless earbuds? How do you like them? Do you have a favorite brand that you would recommend for transcription? Please share your thoughts by commenting using the link below.

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