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Office Buddies Update

by Joanna Norman

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Who are your work-at-home office buddies? In a very early blog post I introduced you to my non-human co-workers who are the best office mates ever. Having my animals at work with me all day has got to be one of the best perks of working at home, but there have been some changes in my non-human office staff, so I need to update you on who has left and make some introductions.

Meet Our Newest Staf Members:

I have two new office buddies to introduce to you. First, meet Noodle.

Noodle is a young Kenyan Sand Boa. I have always loved snakes and had several pet snakes throughout my life. Noodle is a new species to me, and I think he is absolutely amazing. It is wonderful to get him out and interact with him when I need to give my eyes, hands, and shoulders a break from the computer. He is a great addition to my workplace.

Next, I’d like to introduce my 9th Guide Dog Puppy in Training and newest staff member, Miss Frankie. Frankie is an 10-week-old yellow lab who came to Colorado just last week. Right now, she’s still learning how to be a good officemate, but I’m sure she will master the basics in no time. I’ve already fallen head over heels in love with her. Just look at that face!

Close up photo of a black and white, rounded snake head.
Noodle is a Kenyan Sand Boa.
Close up of a small yellow lab puppy with a very wrinkly, droopy face.
Frank is a yellow lab Guide Dog puppy in training.

Patty, my yellow lab, and Arlo, my rescue mini poodle came to Colorado with me and are still part of my staff, and they keep me company every day.

Patty, of course, is an excellent mentor and makes sure Frankie knows her place in the office hierarchy.

No Longer on Staff at Norman Transcription:

You may remember Mr. Cat, my lovely red betta fish, who lived on my desk. He is no longer on our staff. When I moved to Colorado from Arizona, I didn’t think he would enjoy or perhaps even survive the long drive, so he went to live with my daughter. I miss watching him swim around and look handsome when my eyes need a break from the screen.

Fate and Tera were the two Guide Dog puppies I was raising when I last blogged about my officemates. Fate was not meant to be a guide and was “career changed”. She is now a beloved pet, training to be a therapy dog. She was adopted by my co-raiser and stayed in Arizona. Tera became a Guide! She and her partner live in British Columbia. I miss both of these beautiful, special dogs.

Are you non-human office buddies an important part of your workday? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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