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Moving & Transcription

by Joanna Norman

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I am happy to report that moving to a new state and working as a transcriptionist are perfectly compatible. That’s all. 

Here is where this post becomes like some cooking/recipe blogs, you know, the ones where there’s a zillion photos and lots of verbiage before you get to the actual recipe, which is all that some of us wanted in the first place? However, if you are considering a career in transcription, I thought you might find it helpful to hear a bit more about a big change in my life and how it affected my work.

I have been planning to move to Colorado for two years now. My bbf, who is also my sister, and her husband, who is an all around great guy, offered to let me move in with them after my (then) husband left. But I still had a daughter at home finishing high school, and there was no way I was going to uproot her before she finished school. So moving to Colorado had to wait.  In the meantime, I resigned my teaching position, took the General Transcription Course from, and started Norman Transcription.

Finally, last month, it was time to actually move! My awesome daughter headed off to college, and I packed up and sold the family home. While my limited amount of stuff was in transit (remember, I’m becoming more and more of a minimalist), I was still able to work and bring in income. All I needed was my laptop, foot pedal, headphones and a lap desk. Because I have total control over if and when I accept work, all the extras that come with selling a house and moving were much less stressful to manage because I didn’t have to take vacation days from my job to get all those details attended to.  

I took my time driving from Arizona to Colorado, driving for about 6 hours in the morning and transcribing in the hotel in the afternoon and evening. That was my choice. If I hadn’t wanted to work while making the trip, I could have opted for that instead.  

Once I arrived in Colorado, I had about 3 days before my stuff arrived. Again, no problem.  I took advantage of the beautiful weather and worked outside on my sister’s (now mine too) back deck. During that first week, I also took a full day off and we drove up into the mountains hoping to see moose, and we did — two cows and a bull with a full rack. I am so excited to be living here!

After a couple of days of unpacking, I got my desk set up in my office space in my new home and everything is back to a normal schedule. So although I had a crazy schedule for the past two months, I didn’t have to “miss” any work and I didn’t have to worry about a loss of income. I feel so fortunate to have found a career that gives me the flexibility and stability that I need at this time in my life.  

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